ffThis is the story of Constance Gore-Booth born into a wealthy Anglo-Irish family. She joined the fight for Irish freedom. She fought in the Easter Rising and was later sentenced to death but, becaus

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  Easter Week 1916. The time of the great rebellion. They call it the Easter Rising. The Irish Volunteers take on the mighty British Empire, fighting for freedom from British rule, led by school

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This is the story of the Easter Rising 1916 and James Connolly – Husband, Father, Easter Rising Leader and Working Class Hero. published by Poolbeg Press 2016 written by Rod Smith illustrated b

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We specialise in local history and self published books. We are experts in tracking down out of print books and hard to find titles.

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Ashling Morris

What an amazing little shop!! At the start of summer I simply left a school book list in and when I phoned yesterday to see were they able to source many of her books in good condition, to be told they have them all gathered bar one.

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peppa pig beanie with 4 books

New for Christmas

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Lovely hampers made to order and sent anywhere in Ireland for €30 with gift card . Pretty basket in pink or blue available.